The Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship

About the Scholarship

The Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship has been established by the Braff family and friends to offer financial support to graduating Ontario secondary school students who have excelled in both school and squash. The successful recipients of the Scholarship will be individuals (one male and one female) who have continually shown passion and sportsmanship, both on and off the court, and who are entering higher education (college or university). Successful recipients will have demonstrated a long time commitment to the programming of Squash Ontario.

The Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship offers to provide an annual award of not less than $850.00 to one female and one male who meet the criteria as stated above and who will have been accepted for continuing education in an accredited college or university. The management committee will have the discretion to include needs based information in its review and selection of applicants. The bursaries will be awarded only when the recipient(s) meet all of the selection criteria.


The Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship was established in 2012 thanks to the Braff Family and generous friends who have donated to the scholarship each year. In order to ensure the scholarship's continuity, a great deal of fundraising support is required. Thanks to the National Sport Trust Fund - Ontario, Squash Ontario's donation program can offer charitable tax receipts and recognition to all donors. Please consider donating today! 

All donations should be directed to Squash Ontario's Project 59 Lee Hanebury Junior Squash Fund. Please also email if you would like your donation directed to the Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship. 

Previous Scholarship Winners

Marlow Benson and Neel Ismail (2019)

Catherine Giachino and Elliott Hunt (2018)

Alex Collins, Amy Commisso, Jackson Kay and Heather Mclachlan (2017)

Alex Riedelsheimer (2016)

Jordan Mclachlan (2015)

Matthew Haffey (2013)

Nicholas Pavicic (2012)

Scholarship Application Process

Management Committee - Shall consist of at least three people. Robert Brooks, one member of the Braff Family (Liz McBeth), and at least one individual, independent of the Braff family and Squash Ontario. Identification of this individual will be based on approval of both the Braff family (Robert Brooks) and Squash Ontario.


  1. Must be a Canadian citizen, resident in the Province of Ontario for one calendar year;

  2. Must be a member in good standing of Squash Ontario;

  3. Must have successfully completed grades, 9, 10, 11, and 12 at a public or private high school. Completion of grade 12 to be confirmed prior to receipt of scholarship funds;

  4. Must have a grade point average of 80% or better as demonstrated in either final high school transcript or interim transcript if submission deadline is prior to end of the school year; and

  5. Must have participated in a minimum of four Squash Ontario junior sanctioned events in the year of eligibility for the scholarship.

Scholarship - Two candidates will be selected by the Management Committee on an annual basis. One candidate shall be female and one candidate shall be male. Application and documentation must be received no later than 31 May and the scholarships will be awarded no later than 15 June.

Process - The application below must be completed in full with supporting documents emailed to no later than 31 May 2019. Supporting documents include:

  1. Original secondary school transcript

  2. Proof of acceptance at a college or university in the year of acceptance

  3. Signed letter of support from both applicant and parent

All applicants will receive email confirmation when all supporting documents have been received. 

Please note that applicants may be invited to meet with members of the selection panel. Applicant will receive emailed confirmation of receipt of documentation, not to be construed as approval Application and supporting documentation mailed to: Executive Director Squash Ontario, 2275 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M4N 3M6

Robert Brooks Squash Scholarship Application

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Applicant will include an essay not to exceed 500 words on his/her future educational and squash goals and how the scholarship assistance will help him/her to achieve these goals.