The following people/organizations have generously donated to support the 2018-2019 lee hanebury junior squash fund:




The Jesters Club of Ontario

Equity Builders (Singh Family)

Slaight Music (Gary Slaight)

Sprott Resources (Yuzpe Family)

YDC Pro (Khan Family)


Platinum Friends ($5,000+)

The Flynn Family

The Hazelton Hotel (Simmons Family)

Mortgage Company of Canada (Tejani Family)

Gold Friends ($2,500+)

Geotab (Neil Cawse)

IPS Insurance (Kay Family)

The Ismail Family

Hennessy & Hinchcliffe (Mark Hinchcliffe)

Jim Kenward

The MacLean/Manley Family

The Marrison Family

The McCue Family/Dowling I.D.A

Roundtable Capital Partners (Peter McCarthy & Geoff Spidle)

The Tejani Family

The Yuzpe Family

Silver Friends ($1,000+)

The Abbott Family

Arrow Capital Management Inc. (Maxwell Family)

The Askari Family

Gail Crossman

The Crowne Family

ECN Capital (Benson Family)

The Dirks Family

The Elder Family

The Felesky Family

The Kuhn Family

The Malek Family

The Ravindran Family

The Seth Family

The Shah Family  (Sujai, Amit, Anita)

The Sheiner Family

Murray Shaw

The Singodia Family

The Spafford/Davidson Family

Vincent Taylor

Bronze Friends ($500+)

The Baldwin/Keating Family

The Batra Family

The Chadwick/Pierson Family

The Commisso Family

The Kerr/Jain Family

The Jefferson Family

The Maheshwari  Family

The McGregor/Turbide Family

The Murphy/Langdon Family

The Orcutt Family


Friends Level ($250+)

Brenda Bannerman

Linda Cochrane

The Hatcher Family

Byron Hollohan (In Memory)

Greg Hutner

Peter Kakaletris

The Lardner/Cornett Family

David Morrish

Thomas Murphy

Jamie Nicholls/Jessica DiMauro

Pickering Squash Club

The Richmond Family (Megan, Emily, Alison)

Cathy Tuckwell 

The Wiseman Family

Consecutive year Patrons ($1000+ for the past three years)

The Maxwell Family (Arrow Capital Management Inc.)

Scott Benson (ECN Capital Corp)

Jesters Club of Ontario

Jim Kenward

The McCue Family (Dowling I.D.A)

Gary Slaight (Slaight Music)

Vincent Taylor

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The following people have generously donated to support ontario squash hall of fame:

gold level.jpg

Gold Friends ($1,500+)

Frank Baillie

Robert Brooks

William B. Brooks

Zita Burns, Subway

Bill Duffield

Donald F Greer

Peter and Jan Hall

Ernest Howard

Billy Iannaci, Jr.

Stanley Meek

Ian and Marlene Stewart

Vincent Taylor

Silver Friends ($1,000+)

Ian and Sally Braff

Cambridge Group of Clubs

Penny Glover

Jim Kenward

Gerald Shugar

Tony and Sue Swift

John Wildman

Bronze Friends ($500+)

Gordon Anderson

Frank P. Brooks & Emily E. Brooks

Paul Deratnay

Scott Dulmage

Steve Goodrich, Some Like it Hot

Bill Guest

Victor Harding

Peter Hatcher, CIBC Wood Gundy

Murray Jans

Scott Leggat

Wayne Smith

Toronto & District Men’s League Association