Squash Canada’s Coach Certification Program aligns with the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and with the Long Term Player Development model. This program is designed to ensure that coaches are properly trained and certified to develop our athletes in the best way possible.

There are three coaching levels included in the Squash Canada Coaching Certification Program:

1.     Squash Instructor
2.     Intermediate Squash Instructor and/or Club Coach
3.     Provincial Coach

Certification in each level involves a squash specific clinic, NCCP multi-sport courses, additional prerequisites where applicable, and a final evaluation. Coaches are deemed “In Training” when they have completed some of the required training, “Trained” when they have completed all required training, and finally “Certified” when they have completed all training and evaluation components. 

Once certified, coaches will have five years to collect professional development points which are tracked in your Locker profile to keep your certification from expiring. 10 PD points are required for Squash Instructors, 20 for Intermediate Instructor and Club Coaches, and 30 for Provincial Coaches. PD points are collected through:

• NCCP training events are worth 5 points;
• Non-NCCP events are worth 1 point for each hour they last, up to a maximum of 3 points; (PD conference)
• “Active coaching” will give you 1 point per year; (up to 5 years)
• Through “Self-directed learning” you can earn a maximum of 3 points per five-year PD cycle. (Mentorship, etc)

See the Coaches Association of Canada’s FAQs for more information about PD points.

Coaches looking to transfer coaching accreditation from the previous NCCP system, from other countries, or to accelerate through the coaching system should refer to the Squash Canada Coach Certification Policies and Procedures.


Need coaching insurance? Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc. (CIBI) in conjunction with the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC), has formed an exclusive National Insurance Program for Coaches across Canada. All levels of licensed, registered coaches, team leaders, mentors, training instructors and fitness coaches are considered who are in good standing with the CAC. Click here for program information.



Squash Instructor Intermediate Instructor / Club Coach Provincial Coach
Squash Specific Course Coaching Foundations Course Intermediate Instructor Course Provincial Coach Course
NCCP Courses (www.coachesontario.ca) NCCP Making Ethical Decisions
NCCP Planning a Practice
NCCP Nutrition
NCCP Teaching/Learning
NCCP Basic Mental Skills
NCCP Designing a Sports Program
NCCP Developing Athletic Abilities
NCCP Coaching and Leading Effectively
NCCP Prevention and Recovery
NCCP Managing Conflict
NCCP Leading Drug free Sport
NCCP Psychology of Performance
Additional Requirements Club Official Certification (www.squash.ca)
First Aid & CPR
Evaluations NCCP Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation (sign into your Locker to access)
Squash Instructor Evaluation
Intermediate Instructor Evaluation and/or Club Coach Evaluation Provincial Coach Evaluation

Course Descriptions

Coaching Foundations Course

This course will train coaches to teach participants of all ages, with little or no experience, the basic squash skills. Athletes will be in the FUNdamentals and Learning to Train stages of athlete development. The course will cover the role of a Squash Instructor, coaching skills, stroke fundamentals, basic squash strokes, basic tactics and playing concepts, group and individual lessons, and feeding progressions.

Intermediate Instructor Course

This course will train coaches to teach intermediate squash players in the Learning to Train and Training to Train stages of athlete development. This course covers both the Intermediate Instruction and Introduction to Competition stream. In the Intermediate Instruction stream, coaches will learn to refine basic squash skills and introduce intermediate strokes and related performance skills to intermediate, recreational players. In addition, coaches will be able to schedule, plan and promote programs and activities, including fun tournaments. In the Introduction to Competition stream, coaches will also be trained to work with juniors ans young adults who are more competitive and train to refine their intermediate squash skills and train on a seasonal basis to improve their general fitness and prepare for competitive play and regional tournaments. This course will cover roles and responsibilities of the Intermediate Coach, intermediate coaching skills, intermediate strokes, court movement, strategies and tactics, and match performance.

Provincial Coach Course

The Provincial Coach Course will train coaches to work with athletes in the Training to Train and Training to Compete athlete development stages. These coaches work high caliber athletes over an extended period of time. The course covers the requirements of a Provincial Coach, program management, coaching methodology, general assessments, annual training plans, support of athletes in competition, training sessions (shots, disguise and deception, tactics, modifying drills), biomechanics, and performance analysis.


After all prerequisites are completed for each coaching level, coaches should contact Squash Ontario to schedule an evaluation. Coaches will be evaluated in-person with an Evaluator.

If the evaluation takes place outside the Evaluator’s jurisdiction, coaches will be responsible for the Evaluator’s travel costs (mileage at $0.54/km, accommodation, food, etc.) where Squash Ontario deems necessary to complete the evaluation.

Evaluations will cost $60 per hour. Squash Instructor evaluations are covered by the course fee for anyone who registered for a course after April 1, 2012. Intermediate Instructor, Club Coach, and Provincial Coach evaluations are not covered by the course fee and may take several hours to complete depending on the level.

Do you know your current certification level? To check your status, visit https://thelocker.coach.ca. Click on “Certification” and login using the CC# which is issued to you when you complete your first NCCP training workshop.

Are you interested in making an impact on the squash coaching community? Coach Developers are directly responsible for the development of coaches and need to be experts in learning as well as experts in coaching. They include: Learning Facilitators (facilitate coach courses), Coach Evaluators (facilitate coach evaluations), and Master Coach Developers (train the coach developers).

The NCCP now has a simple and universal 4-step process for becoming a Coach Developer (separate pathway for each type of Coach Developer):


Core Training - Core Training for Coach Developers is offered through the Coaches Association of Ontario. These are one day courses (6 hours for Learning Facilitators and 5 hours for Coach Evaluators). 

Find Core Training opportunities here: Click Here.

Content-Specific Training - Spend between 1-2 hours with Master Coach Developer Barb Cooper prior to your co-delivery of a coaching course or co-facilitation of an evaluation. 

Co-Delivery - Co-deliver a course/evaluation with a certified Learning Facilitator or Coach Evaluator.

Evaluation - Facilitate a coaching course or evaluation.