Squash Ontario’s Corporate Partners

Platinum Corporate Partners


Equity Builders

Equity Builders is a leading real estate firm whose mission is to be a multiplier in their client’s investment by providing game changing investment opportunities and comprehensive management services. Equity Builders CEO Ash Singh and CFO Mona Singh are extremely passionate about the sport of squash and have experienced their two competitive juniors progress through the Squash Ontario Junior pathway, learning valuable life skills both on and off the courts. “We have seen our kids build independence, resilience, grit, work ethic, comradery and mental strength thanks to their time on the courts. These are invaluable skills that they carry with them in all aspects of their life. At a time where entitlement and lack of social connection is an epidemic in society, the value of time on the courts has never been greater,” notes Ash.

We thank Ash, Mona and the Singh family for their amazing commitment to our sport and Equity Builders for their continued support as a Platinum Corporate Partner.

The Jesters Club of Ontario will continue to support a wide variety of programs throughout the squash season. The OUAA Jesters University Squash League was initiated by and continues to be supported by the Jesters, giving the opportunity for top junior players to stay in Canada to compete at an ever-increasing high level and continues to grow annually. In addition, the Jesters Club of Ontario supports the junior Grand Prix circuit, which is an entry-level tournament for aspiring young athletes, including 10+ events annually. The Ontario Jesters Traveling Tour Team will continue again this year with the goal to increase regional development by partnering with the Ottawa Junior Prix Series and the Southwestern Ontario Gary Waite tour to subsidizing travel for junior teams.


Slaight Music

For the last decade, Slaight Music has been one of the great patrons of squash, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars to support events at the provincial, national and international level as well to junior development, grassroots programming and also lending valuable expertise in communications, marketing and fundraising. In 2018-19, Slaight Music joined Squash Ontario as a Platinum Corporate Partner helped launch the SO Provincial Training Center which provides our top professionals, university players and juniors centralized training with world class coaching on an ongoing basis.

Founder and CEO Gary Slaight is a known doubles squash enthusiast and when not giving back to the sport off the court, he can be found playing 5 days per week with a rotating cast of characters where his trash talk is almost as prolific as his forehand reverse corner.

travel edge

With Ontario athletes increasingly making their mark internationally and taking advantage of critical out of country exposure, Travel Edge will specifically support our Team Ontario travelling squad including the 2019 US Junior Open program.

Travel Edge is an industry leader specializing in leisure, corporate events and tour travel with over 750 expert advisors and 10 offices across North America. Their philosophy that “travel makes everyone better and has the power to overcome physical, language and cultural barriers to forge unbreakable bonds and everlasting memories” embodies one of the many positive impacts that playing high performance junior squash can have on our young leaders.

Travel Edge Founder and CEO Jeff Willner has two competitive junior squash players in the family and is proud to contribute to Squash Ontario’s vision of being an international leader in both athlete development and grassroots growth of the sport. We thank Travel Edge for their tremendous support and look forward to their partnership for the 2019-20 season.



YDC Pro’s inaugural partnership in 2018-2019 helped support a much needed revamp of Ontario's Officiating Program and in 2019-20 will continue to work with our team to grow both participation and foster excellence in our junior community and senior provincial team athletes.

YDC Pro is an industry leading consulting firm and service provider for Digital, AI, Mobile and Data Management Solutions. Principal Javed Khan is the proud father of three avid junior squash players (Aleeza, Faazil, Faraaz) and believes that "squash is more than a sport for our family; it teaches us to be fiercely competitive but humbly collaborative, building a better society by producing terrific leaders for tomorrow." Mr. Khan adds that "our team at YDC Pro is fiercely competitive with a single mission to find solutions to complex problems using the best talent and emerging technologies - AI, Digital and Data Analytics.”



Forthlane Partners is a holistic multi-family office whose mission is to professionalize and humanize how families engage with their wealth and with each other. Forthlane provides services to ultra-high net worth families that go beyond those provided by traditional wealth managers or multi-family offices. Specifically, Forthlane offers families access to institutional-grade wealth planning, global investment management, private market opportunities and family education and continuity support. In serving families, Forthlane focuses equally on four interconnected types of wealth: values wealth, physical and mental wealth, relationship wealth and financial wealth. This approach provides for an unparalleled multi-family office experience.

Harrow Sports

Harrow Sports is a leading manufacturer of squash, field hockey, lacrosse, and racquet sports equipment, bags and apparel, as well as indoor court footwear, and custom ice hockey uniforms. Harrow is rapidly becoming a global specialty sports powerhouse, capitalizing on its #1 market share position in squash and field hockey in North America.

Harrow Sports has partnered with Squash Ontario to support the Junior Grand Prix circuit and the Junior Silver circuit events which are important competitive opportunities for junior athletes and feature close to 20 events across the province. In addition, Harrow is the Official Apparel Supplier of Squash Ontario, outfitting our Ontario squash teams with high quality apparel.

The Toronto Centre for Medical Imaging

Located in the heart of Toronto's financial district, the TCFMI is a state-of-the-art clinic providing X-Ray, Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Density Testing and Echocardiography. TCFMI is a referral centre for sports medicine physicians in downtown Toronto and their Radiologist has an expertise in diagnosing injuries for amateur and professional athletes in a wide variety of sports. TCFMI prides itself on short wait times and a high level of customer service and is the perfect fit for busy squash players needing to get high quality imaging in order to get back on the courts.

The Toronto Center for Medical Imaging principals Al and Mira Ismail are long-time supporters of the squash community and along with their two national champion sons, Neel and Nikhil, have been involved in improving our sport for over a decade. The partnership includes title sponsorship of the Toronto Center for Medical Imaging Ontario Closed Championships November 8th -10th at Mayfair Lakeshore in Toronto.

Mortgage Company of Canada Inc.

Mortgage Company of Canada Inc is a Toronto-based mortgage investment company that primarily invests in single family residential mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area.

In 2019-20, the Mortgage Company of Canada will support the critical athlete pathway Junior Silver Circuit as well as the Ontario Doubles Championships in November, providing prize money to top professionals doubles players and outstanding tournament value for over 120 amateurs that will play alongside.

Squash Ontario is particularly thankful to MCOCI’s President Faheem Tejani and Family who have three aspiring young high performance athletes in the U13 and U11 categories and have been pillars in what they recognize as a truly special community. Faheem also plays a key role on the Squash Ontario fundraising committee and the Tejani family annually contributes individually through the Lee Hanebury Junior Squash Fund.

Silver Corporate Partners