Equipment Loaner Program Application

What is the Equipment Loaner Program?

Designed to assist teachers with introducing the sport of squash to students (Grades 3-12) in either a school gym setting or a squash club.  Teachers can access equipment, instructors and resources from Squash Ontario.

Benefits of Squash

Physical fitness benefits for the mind and body and is a lifestyle sport for all ages.  Cardiovascular fitness, reflexes, concentration, anticipation, discipline and finesse are all improved through participation within the sport of squash. 

How Do I Get Started?

Complete the application form on the back and return to Squash Ontario.  Applications are handled on a first come, first serve basis. Please allow a minimum of 6 weeks to have equipment delivered.

Equipment Available

  • Junior Racquets (Grade 3-8)

  • Senior Racquets (Grade 9-12)

  • Squash/Nerf Balls

  • Eyeguards

  • Instructors

  • Gym Manual


Equipment – Free (Visa/MasterCard must be provided as deposit).

Instructors – New schools receive two complimentary instructional hours with all additional hours ($25/hour) payable to Squash Ontario by the school in advance.

Call 647-360-0420 with any questions.

Rules and Regulations

  • Indicate your top three choices for your two-week squash unit (first-come, first-served basis). Confirmation will be provided within 5 business days.

  • Missing Equipment Fee - per item basis to the credit card on file:

    • Racquets $20.00

    • Balls $3.00

    • Eyeguards $30.00

  • Late Equipment Return Fee:

    • 1-5 Days $15.00

    • 6-10 Days $20.00

    • 11-15 Days $25.00

    • Schools failing to return equipment after 15 days will be charged both a Late Equipment Return Fee and a Missing Equipment Fee

  • Schools will receive equipment delivery at no charge and must return the equipment to Squash Ontario at the school's expense

  • A minimum of 3 weeks is required to arrange an instructor and the ensure appropriate equipment available

  • Additional instructional hours are payable to Squash Ontario in advance of the class at $25.00 per hour

  • Schools who choose to access squash facilities are responsible for booking their own visits and instructional hours. Squash Ontario will connect schools to clubs as requested.

Agreement of School or Facility Participating in the Squash Ontario Equipment Loaner Program

The following terms and conditions are applicable to the “facility” participating in the Squash Ontario Equipment Loaner Program.  This form must be signed by an authorized person from the facility in order to participate in the program and obtain delivery of squash equipment loaned by Squash Ontario (the “loaner equipment”).

Understanding the Risks

The facility acknowledges that there are risks of physical injury inherent in any physical activity or physical education program. The risks associated with squash and the school squash program include but are not limited to:

•               muscular injuries resulting from vigorous physical exertion, rapid movements and quick turns and stops on court;

•               injuries to the eyes, teeth, face and other parts of the body resulting from being hit by racquets or balls; and     • bruises, scrapes and other injuries resulting from falling to the floor or colliding with the ball or other players.

Accepting Responsibility for the Risks

The facility acknowledges and agrees with Squash Ontario that the facility is responsible for the safety and risk of injury or actual injury to children or other persons participating in the program on the facility’s premises (the “participants”).  The facility acknowledges and agrees with Squash Ontario that the facility is responsible for all aspects of the conduct of the program on its premises, including but not limited to:

  • the conduct, discipline and safety of the participants;

  • ensuring that the participants are physically and mentally capable of playing squash without unusual risk of injury to themselves or others;

  • ensuring that the participants must at all times wear appropriate footwear, clothing and eye guards;

  • the safety and condition of the premises in which instruction is given;

  • ensuring that the equipment used by the participants, including loaner equipment, is in good and safe condition prior to any lesson or game; and

  • to put to one side and to report or identify to Squash Ontario any loaner equipment which is or becomes defective or broken.

The facility acknowledges that Squash Ontario may not at all times have sufficient eye guards to loan to a facility. The facility acknowledges and agrees that it will ensure that participants in the program will, in any event, wear proper eye protection.


The facility agrees to defend, indemnify and to hold harmless Squash Ontario, its officers, directors, employees, agents, instructors or representatives from any and all liabilities, claims or actions, damages or costs, including legal costs, due to or resulting from injury or other harm caused to any participants in the program which occurs on the facility’s premises.

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