Harrow Jesters Junior Grand Prix #2 at RCYC

The second Harrow Jesters Grand Prix of the season went off without a hitch thanks to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club team of Jeff Lurie, James Keene, and Mike Wang. This event featured many new faces to competitive tournaments who pulled out some exceptional results! Congrats to the winners shown below:

Boys Under 9 - Winner Caleb Hickox, Runner Up Faraaz Khan

Boys Under 11 - Winner Carl Edmund-Roux, Runner Up Hong Duc Cheng

Girls Under 11 - Winner Emily Hargraves, Runner Up Kiera Hickox

Boys Under 13 - Winner Andrew Herring, Runner Up Wassey Maqsood

Girls Under 13 - Winner Iman Shaheen, Runner Up Shirin Batra

Boys Under 15 - Winner Charles Sheiner, Runner Up Charlie MacDonald

Girls Under 15 - Winner Ariel Mccuaig, Runner Up Maddy Fisher

(no photo available)