Jesters Harrow Junior Silver #2

Barb Cooper and her Mayfair Lakeshore team hosted a seamless Jesters Harrow Junior Silver #2 event this past weekend. Squash Ontario was pleased to launch the beginning of the 2016 Junior Silver 'stamped' T-shirts which will be collected at each Silver event in a different colour.  We look forward to photos at the end of the Silver circuit of any players who collected every colour of shirt!

Congratulations to the winners of this navy blue event:

Boys Under 11 - Carl Edmund-Roux (1st place), Jack Willner (2nd place), Liam Trail (3rd place)

Girls Under 11 - Molly McCarthy (1st place), Jordyn Cohen (2nd place), Parker Power (3rd place)

Boys Under 13 - Logan Elder (1st place), Ewan Harris (2nd place), Hunter Skurka (3rd place)

Girls Under 13 - Sofia Llewellyn (1st place), Amal Nadeem Izhar (2nd place), Keira Rawlins (3rd place)

Boys Under 15 - Jackson Cowie (1st place), Syan Singh (2nd place), Devin Chapple (3rd place)

Girls Under 15/17 - Ocean Lewis (1st place), Ceinwyn Beattie (2nd place), Eman Alhussainy (3rd place)

Boys Under 17 - Michael Haffey (1st place), Will Harris (2nd place), Rayhan Walia (3rd place)

See all the results - Click Here.