16/17 Division Champions From Ontario - 2017 Canadian Doubles Squash Championships

The Slaight Music and Ridley Windows & Door 2017 Canadian Doubles Squash Championship wrapped up today, with 14 National Champions and 3 Companion division titles crowned.

In total, 282 athletes making up 141 teams competed in 185 matches battling it out for national titles in 14 national divisions and 3 companion events.  Ranging from the Men’s and Women’s Open elite level to the Men’s 80+ division, these competitive women and men left it all on the court and the end result......exciting doubles squash all weekend long!

In the Men's Open division Scott Arnold and Robin Clarke captured their fourth consecutive title with a victory over Thomas Brinkman & Will Miriani [15-9, 15-7, 13-15, 15-10].  In the Women's Open a new duo was crowned national champ, when Suzie Pierrepont & Stephanie Hewitt defeated Nikki Todd and Seanna Keating [15-8, 15-11, 13-15, 15-9].

Get all the results from all 185 matches of the Championships, visit: http://squashcanada.tournamentsoftware.com/sport/draws.aspx?id=F20FA3C5-11F7-405F-9BCD-E83AC47F3F9A

Congratultions to all the participants and to the newly crowned 2017 National Champions!

Watch the Women's and Men's Open finals courtesy of SquashStream.TV at https://goo.gl/8Q9sla

2017 Canadian Doubles Squash Champions (Ontario residents are in bold)

Men's Open: Scott Arnold and Robin Clarke
Women's Open: Stephanie Hewitt and Suzie Pierrepont
Men's 40+: Scott Dulmage and Richard Thomson
Women's 40+: Michele Ramsey and Jody Warden
Men's 50+: Paul Deratnay and Taylor Fawcett
Women's 50+: Robbin Morrison and Tammie Sangster
Men's 55+: Alan Hunt and Fred Reid
Women's 55+: Jann Taylor and Gayle Woods
Men's 60+: Sean McDonough and Sandy Tierney
Women's 60+: Lolly Gillen and Sibylle Witt
Men's 65+: John Boynton and Tim Griffin
Men's 70+: David Potter and Chris Wheeler
Men's 75+: Leonard Bernheimer and Bart Mcguire
Men's 80+: Ed Bracht and Norm Lee

Men's B: Johnny Mee and Richard Usher-Jones
Women's B: Jennifer Klein and Abigail Krol
Men's C: Ed Kernaghan and Ian Macdonald