Performance Finishing Solutions Ontario Masters Championships - Deadline Extended!


Our province has one of the BEST Masters communities in the world and we need to show it! For those that have been procrastinating, sitting on the fence or waiting for that niggly injury to heal, this is a sign that you need to sign up for this event as the deadline has been extended to Sunday October 21st at 11:59pm! 

For those that need even more motivation to register, here are the Top 10 reasons to drop everything and sign up!!

  1. FREE Beer and Wine brought to you by Bruce Marrison and the good people at Performance Finishing Solutions. When was the last time Bruce bought you a drink? Don’t miss this chance.

  2. Squash Ontario needs strong masters demographics to help access government grants – by playing this tournament you are helping to grow our sport!

  3. Reigning World Champion Howard Armitage and 70+ legends Vinnie Taylor (80+!), Gary Grant, Ken Benoit and Robert De Valk. If they can suit up for this event then so can you - these guys are inspirational!

  4. A great social weekend with new and improved Saturday evening dinner at a World Class facility, including cocktail hour and exhibition match Saturday early evening with thanks to Scott Benson.

  5. No 25 year-old athletes with endless fitness to contend with!

  6. Seven courts and manageable draw sizes, 3-4 well scheduled matches against those of your same vintage.

  7. Best females in the land Christine Kogon, Lorraine Tetreault, Elka Markus, Kathy Cowper, Julie Hisey, Lisa Coates, Nicole Garon and MORE vying for spots on Team Ontario!  

  8. B/C events are already subscribed and will be a go for less experienced players that want to join the action. These divisions will play lots of squash and have even more fun.

  9. Stop the heavy favorite Mayfair Parkway once again from winning the Rob Brooks Team Cup – get your teammates out and show club spirit.

  10. The return of Johnny Wilson!!! Need more?  OK also soon-to-be legends and current legends in their own minds Mario Raponi, Wayne Weatherhead, Guy Gordon, Paul Ryan, MIKE BERTIN, Tom Power, David Sly, Trent Haase, Bruce Marrison, David Guest and Jamie Nicholls.

  11. Did we mention FREE beer and wine?


If these reasons don’t get you off the couch and into the 2018 Ontario Masters Champs, then perhaps pickle ball is for you. Come on out and support our great community, our great game and the great people that make Ontario Masters squash so special.