2018 Ontario Veteran Women's & Men's Doubles Champions Crowned


Congratulations to the ever growing crowd of veteran doubles men and women who participated in this past weekend's Ontario Men's and Women's Veteran Doubles Championships! Thank you to the Toronto Racquet Club and tournament organizers Blair Finlayson and Scott Arnold for hosting the men's event and the Mayfair Lakeshore and tournament organizer Barbara Cooper for hosting the women's event. Special thanks to Lolly Gillen for her unwavering doubles support as well! Here is a list and photos of division winners, finalists, and 3rd place teams.

Women's 30+ Companion

Marci Sier and Kelly Kuru finish their round robin in first place with a 3-0 match score. Nicole Pirko and Michelle Craig finish in second with a 2-1 score. Rounding out third place was Stephanie Edmison and Amanda Karahanas with a 1-2 score.


Men's 40+

Scott Dulmage and Richard Thomson defeated Adrian Griffin and Tyler Millard with a score of 13-15 15-11 15-13 8-15 15-13 in the final.

Eric Baldwin and Bruce Marrison defeated Steve Burnham and Cesar Rainusso for third place with a 15-12 15-13 15-13 score.


Women's 40+

Kristeen Burton and Annette White win in the final against Tarra Mullins and Tammie Sangster with a score of 9-15 15-8 6-15 15-11 15-11. Consolation winners for third place are Katie Bewley and Brenda Forbes defeating Pat Foster and Danielle Leblanc with a score of 15-9 15-7 15-11.


Men's 50+

John Hall and Paul Zander defeat Chris Tabbitt and Mike Capombassis for to win in 4, 15-10 15-6 13-15 15-8. Third place goes to consolation winners Andrew Boright and Marcus Macrea who defeated Daniel Attard and Martin Houser, in 5 games, 15-10 8-15 15-14 13-15 15-7.


Women's 50+

Robbin Morrison and Caro Sambrook defeat Leslie Freeman and Karen Jerome in the final winning 15-14 15-14 15-10. Carmela Kervin and Laurie Krol take third place over Diane Naughton and Sally Philp in 5 games, 15-13 1-15 15-14 10-15 15-8. Finally Patti Henderson and Anita Saunders finish first in the consolation round robin.


Men's 55+

Yuill McGregor and Eric Windeler defeat Eric Dunn and Steve MacInnis for first place (15-11 15-11 15-14). Positions 3/4 have not yet been played between Greg Lloyd and Namsoo Oh vs. Vijit Coomara and Jim McDonough.


Women's 60+

The winners of the Women's 60+ round robin are Monica Harry and Sibylle Witt (3-0), followed by Lolly Gillen and Lindsey Hermer-Bell in second (2-1), and then Sandy Cameron and Carol McCullough for third place(1-2).


Men's 60+

Tim Bovaird and Pat Richardson defeat Blair Finlayson and Chris Todd for first place (15-6 15-8 15-11). Malcolm Moore and Edwin Gailits defeat Steven Hisey and Jack Hoogstraten for 3rd place (15-9 15-6 15-7).


Men's 70+

Molson Robertson and Tony Swift defeat David Potter and Chris Wheeler in 5 games for first place - 14-15 15-12 15-11 12-15 15-8. The 3rd place consolation final has not yet been played between Rea Godbold and Richard Rice vs. Michael Manley and Tom Poor. 

Men's 75+

Larry Hall and Peter Hatcher win the round robin with a 2-1 score. John Fauquier and Harold Hemstad take second with a 1-1 score and Ed Bracht and Norman Lee finish third with 0-2.