Jesters Black Knight Junior Gold #2

The trains, planes and highways saw 106 juniors travel to Windsor this past weekend to compete for the coveted Gold titles. Congratulations to Graeme Williams and David Morrish for running this special event and to the players for their hard fought victories!

Boys Under 13 - Alexander Yuzpe (winner), Josh Kay (2nd), Patrick Walford (3rd)

Boys Under 15 - Amin Khan (winner), Daniel Malek (2nd), Edward Morneau (3rd)

Girls Under 15 - Alessia Ferris (winner), Jena Ravindran (2nd), Nicole Tomei (3rd)

Boys Under 17 - Michael Greenwood (winner), Alex Spafford (2nd), Douglas Kosciukiewicz (3rd)

Girls Under 17 - Brianna Jefferson (winner), Marlow Benson (2nd), Patricia Nandi Ndebele (3rd)

Boys Under 19 - Julien Gosset (winner), Ryan Picken (2nd), Akasham Rajagopaul (3rd)

Girls Under 19 - Charlotte Orcutt (winner), Emma Jinks (2nd), Bethany Churchill (3rd)

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