Simon Warder Memorial Squash Tournament

Sarnia, Ontario, is currently flush with squash activity because of the fifth annual Simon Warder Memorial Squash Tournament in support of prostate cancer. The Huron Oaks Squash Club and volunteers are honouring the memory of Simon Warder, a skilled player, junior coach, and one of Canada's top referees.  Warder passed away in 2011 after a battle with prostate cancer, leaving behind an impressive legacy in the game he loved. In five years, the tournament has raised over $65,000 for prostate cancer research and the Bluewater Health’s Prostate Cancer Clinic.

Both men's & women's PSA events have been running since Monday, November 14th, while the amateur event will begin Friday, November 17th.

TICKETS: For ticket information, please email Gary Delavigne at

Catch the Ontario athletes in the Quarter Finals today (Thursday) at the Huron Oaks Squash Club:

Sam Cornett vs. Nicole Bunyan (BC) at 5:00 PM

Micaala Seth vs. Emilia Soini (Finland) at 5:00 PM

Paula Jenkins vs. Janet Vidhi (India) at 7:00 PM

Cameron Seth vs. Anthony Graham (England) at 6:00 PM