Simon Warder Memorial Squash Tournament

"The Simon Warder Memorial Prostate Cancer Squash Tournament has come to a close for another year. What an amazing event with roller coaster battles on court and spectacular atmosphere surrounding! 

Thank you to all the efforts by our volunteers (towel service, registration, referees, billets, drivers, bloggers, court control, and more) and sponsors! Many of the PSA and amateur players commented on the exceptional hospitality and community atmosphere - there is something very special to be part of the Sarnia Squash Community. 

Below are the PSA finals match summaries as well as the winners of the amateur draws! See Photos on the Facebook Page.
- Tournament Committee Member Micaala Seth
SW Day #6 Nov 19, 2016 – PSA Finals
Sam Cornett defeats Emilia Soini 3-0 (12-10, 11-3, 12-10), 4pm, 30mins
This was a tremendous final between two extremely poised players. Cornett was very dominant in the match with her pace and moving Soini around the court. Soini answered back with her delicate drops and boasts pushing Cornett to extra points in the first and third games. Sam commented “Wow, what a week here in Sarnia. I'm so happy to have pulled it off tonight. I knew Emilia was going to be fresh and tough in her first PSA tour final, so I did my best to dig in, make the rallies longer, and get everything back. Really enjoyed the battle. I can't thank the folks here in Sarnia enough for putting on a great event. They have looked after the players so well! And alongside the pro and amateur events the squash community here raised over 40k for the local prostate cancer clinic in Simon Warder's name. So amazing. It's been a pleasure. I'm sad to leave and head back to Toronto!!”.

Juan Camilo Vargas defeats Vincent Droeskbeke 3-0 (11-9, 11-4, 13-11), 5pm, 40mins
Vargas showed incredible speed and agility in this match. Although Droeskbeke moved Vargas around the court and demonstrated incredible shot making, Vargas got to everything back. Droeskbeke had a game ball opportunity in the third game, however, Vargas fought back to take the game and the match. Vargas commented “I’m very happy it was such a clean, and fair match. I think we both gave it all we had and it was a very enjoyable match. I’m looking forward to more tournaments like this! The hospitality of this tournament was exceptional and I was treated very special. I would like to return to Sarnia for this tournament next year”. 
Day #7 Nov 20, 2016 - Amateur Results
Congratulations to our amateur draw winners! #saycheese #gotyou

Division A
Champion - Cameron Seth
Finalist - Dan VanMoorsel
Consolation - Dave Coate
Grinners - Matthew A Mackenzie

Division B
Champion - Riley Bore
Finalist - Joel Vosburg
Consolation – Jake Doering
Grinners - Barry Hickey

Division C
Champion - Doug Hatch
Finalist - Andrew Warder
Consolation - Ben Weld
Grinners - Tyler Richard

Division D
Champion - Matt Lalonde
Finalist - John Ward
Consolation - Sean Naylor

Womens A
Champion - Holly Delavigne
Finalist - Laura Savage
3rd - Deirdre Bradd

Womens B
Champion - Nichole LeBlanc
Finalist - Nicola Crich
Consolation - Karen Lam

Womens C
Champion - Mattea DeMunnich
Finalist - Marina Seth

Womens D
Champion - Sara Ballingall
Finalist - Lindsey Smith
Consolation - Caroln St. Michel