Here's To The Champions!

As the holidays and close of 2016 draw near, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the number of amazing matches and tournaments this year has seen. Congratulations and thank you to all those who worked hard to earn a provincial title, those who played in almost every tournament, those who stepped into tournaments for the first time, and those who encouraged their friends and family to pick up a racquet and join them in squash.  As a squash association we have one goal: to increase participation in squash.  Thanks to the dedicated coaches, officials, volunteers, facility managers, parents and players who make the squash community in Ontario so wonderful, we have no doubt that together we can grow squash. 

Happy holidays and happy new year from all of us at Squash Ontario! 

Congratulations to Ontario’s 2016 Champions!

Ontario Mixed Doubles Championships

Hosted by Executive Squash & Fitness Club, January 22-24

50+ = Scott Dormer & Michele Ramsey

60+ = Craig Benson & Lolly Gillen

B = Jeff & Danica Deverill


Ontario Men’s & Women’s Veterans Doubles Championships

Hosted by Cedar Springs Health, Racquet & Sportsclub, February 5-7

Men’s 40+ = Scott Dulmage & Richard Thomson

Women’s 40+ = Stephanie Hewitt & Carol Stewart

Women’s 50+ = Susan Green & Cathy Tuckwell

Men’s 55+ = John Kervin & Pat Richardson

Women’s 55+ = Leslie Freeman & Lindsey Hermer-Bell

Men’s 60+ = Chris Chappel & Steven Hisey

Men’s 65+ = Tim Griffin & Michael Manley

Men’s 75+ = Larry Hall & Michael Wilson

Men’s 40+ B = Frank Mackay & Doug Walton


IPS Insurance Ontario Open Championships

Hosted by the National Squash Academy, February 5-7

Men’s Open = Shawn Delierre

Women’s Open = Micaala Seth

Men’s A = David Sly

Women’s A = Elka Markus

Men’s 50+= Brad Munro

Men’s 65+= Ian Boundy

Men’s B = Michael Amirthanathan

Women’s B/C = Anna Tomei

Men’s C = Calvin Ho

Men’s D = Henry Halim


Ontario Masters Team Championships

Hosted by the Club at White Oaks, February 26-28

Team Nigara One = Mike Anderson, Chad Dommash, Gabriel Dubois, Grant Foy, Scott Mclachlan, Tom Powers, Shirley Ancker, Kathy Carter, Tracy Goertz, Mariette Lincoln, Milena Matijevic


Ontario Regional Junior Team Championships

Hosted by the Ontario Racquet Club, March 4-6

Toronto Mississuaga Team One = Alie Kargbo, James Flynn, Nikhil Ismail, Josh Kay, Charlotte Orcutt, Sydney Maxwell, Courtney Orcutt, Jena Ravindran


Ontario Junior Open Championships

Hosted by the Club at White Oaks, April 1-3

Boys Under 11 = Jacob Marrison

Girls Under 11 = Ananya Maheshwari

Boys Under 13 = Griffin Manley

Girls Under 13 = Ella Baldwin

Boys Under 15 = Ali Shalaby

Girls Under 15 = Haley Jefferson

Boys Under 17 = Akasham Rajagopaul

Girls Under 17 = Mariam Mansoor

Boys Under 19 = Rahul Sehrawat

Girls Under 19 = Emma Jinks


Ontario Junior Silver Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, April 9-10

Boys Under 11= Wasey Maqsood

Girls Under 11= Molly McCarthy

Boys Under 13= Eesa Huq

Girls Under 13= Danielle Tonna

Boys Under 15= Howard Halim

Girls Under 15= Jena Ravindran

Boys Under 17= Husam Shallo


Ontario High School Squash Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, April 29-30

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute


Harvest Hit Ontario Mixed Doubles Championships

Hosted by Pickering Squash Club, October 21-23

Open = Robin Clarke & Stephanie Hewitt

40+ = Peter McCarthy & Michele Ramsey

50+ = Robert Ferguson & Cathy Tuckwell

60+ = Molson Robertson & Sybille Witt

B = Craig Schiele & Joan Hill


Ontario Masters Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, October 28-30

Men’s 30+= Francisco Mendez

Women’s 30+= Joanna Phang

Men’s 45+= David Sly

Women’s 45+= Julie Hisey

Men’s 50+= David Morrish

Men’s 55+= Wayne Pye

Women’s 58+= Christine Kogan

Men’s 60+= Guy Gordon

Men’s 65+= Carlos Barbosa

Men’s 70+= Robert De Valk

Women’s 45+ B/C= Alison Waddington


Pure HMV Ontario Closed Championships

Hosted by Mayfair Lakeshore, November 11-13

Men’s Open= Nick Sachvie

Women’s Open= Samantha Cornett

Men’s A= Jamie Nicholls

Women’s A= Erica Mcgillicuddy

Men’s B= Aly Somani

Women’s B= Mishelle Mosley

Men’s C= Joel Prior

Women’s C/D= Sofia Llewellyn

Men’s D= Noor Zubair


BMO Nesbitt Burns Junior Closed

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, November 25-27

Boys Under 11= Jacob Marrison

Girls Under 11= Hannah McCarthy

Boys Under 13= Josh Kay

Girls Under 13= Maya Mansoor

Boys Under 15= Nikhil Ismail

Girls Under 15= Erica Mcgillicuddy

Boys Under 17= James Flynn

Girls Under 17= Reese Maclean

Boys Under 19= Akasham Rajagopaul

Girls Under 19= Nicole Kendall


Assante Wealth Ontario Doubles Championships

Hosted by the Badminton & Racquet Club, December 2-4.

Men’s Open = Will Mariani & Fred Reid Jr.

Women’s Open = Marci Sier & Kelly Kuru

Men’s A = Jeff Deverill & Blake Reinson

Men’s B = Miky Boynton & Robert Cooley

Women’s B = Cathy Tuckwell & Cathy Southey

Men’s C = Jamie Herman & Sandy Mackay

Women’s C = Renka Gesing & Linda Parsons