Jester’s Harrow Junior Silver # 4

The first weekend of December proved to be a heavy squash weekend with the Badminton & Racquet club quarterbacking multiple Squash Ontario events! Alongside the biggest Ontario Doubles event in recent years, the Jester's Harrow Junior Silver #4 event took place at the Badminton & Racquet Club as well as the Toronto Lawn & Tennis Club.  Congratulations to our Squash Ontario Silver Winners:

Boys Under 11 -  Lachlan Abbott (Champion),  Kevin Mcgillicuddy (Finalist),  Charlie Nixon (3rd Place)

Girls Under 11 - Georgia Baldwin (Champion), Jordyn Cohen (Finalist), Ashley Hall (3rd Place)

Boys Under 13 - Sujai Shah (Champion), Callan Fitzpatrick (Finalist), Ryan Moffat (3rd Place)

Girls Under 13 - Shirin Batra (Champion), Hannah McCarthy (Finalist), Molly McCarthy (3rd Place)

Boys Under 15 - Syan Singh (Champion), Casper Harris (Finalist), Devin Chapple (3rd Place)

Boys Under 17 -  Charles De La Riva (Champion),  Chris Howard (Finalist), Will Harris (3rd Place)

Girls Under 15/17 -  Eman Alhussainy (Champion),  Ocean Lewis (Finalist), Maddie Martin (3rd Place)