Jesters Harrow Junior Silver #5 Hosted at Mayfair Parkway


Mayfair Parkway squash pros Rafik Bhaloo and George Abrams spent their weekend with the province's top silver players running the 5th event of the season!

Boys Under 11 -   Kevin Mcgillicuddy (Champion),  Sam Hatcher (Finalist),  Jack Willner (3rd Place)

Girls Under 11 - Ziena Mounir (Champion), Ashley Hall (Finalist), Parker Power (3rd Place)

Boys Under 13 - Javert McGregor (Champion), Ewan Harris (Finalist), Andrew Herring (3rd Place)

Girls Under 13 - Keira Rawlins (Champion), Hannah McCarthy (Finalist)

Boys Under 15 - John Nicholson (Champion), Andrew Howard (Finalist), Grayson Wheeler (3rd Place)

Boys Under 17 - Chris Howard (Champion),  Taeyeon Lee (Finalist), Syan Singh (3rd Place)

Girls Under 15/17 -  Cara Derose (Champion),  Amal Nadeem Izhar (Finalist), Leah McGuillicuddy (3rd Place)