TAG Fitness Transitions into the Collingwood Squash and Wellness Centre

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A group of TAG Fitness members lead by Rod Brown, Murray and Gail Scott, and Larry & Barbara Hall have bought the assets of TAG Fitness and will operate the Club as the Collingwood Squash and Wellness Centre beginning seamlessly on October 3rd. The “Centre” will feature singles and doubles squash, a robust fitness program with all the existing equipment and more, health services focussing on wellness enhancement, Collingwood’s best activity studio for rent, and even a beer or glass of wine (it’s not all wellness – fun is included!).

The new team plans to evolve the Club over time to a member owned not-for-profit Corporation serving its members and the community. Its mandate will be member focussed, particularly on enhancing individual Wellness! The “Centre” will be seeking partners, such as the new Collingwood Youth Centre to involve and support. A member squash committee and a fitness committee will listen to members and help design innovative programs to engage current members and to attract new members.

The founding team has hired the best available squash, fitness and wellness professionals who are onsite for the opening. The Fitness team is lead by Certified Personal Trainer, life style coach and Yoga instructor, Janet Hughes. The Squash Program Director (since 2001), Gail Scott, continues to serve members in that role.

Please do not hesitate to learn more about our plans – call us at (705) 444-7824. Or, drop in at the Centre – 90 High Street in Collingwood. Stay tuned for our grand opening celebration, soon!

Larry and Barbara Hall