2017 Canadian Junior Open Wrap Up

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Congratulations to the four Ontario athletes who placed in the top three at the 2017 CJO:

  • Iman Shaheen (GU13) - Finalist
  • Molly Chadwick (GU15) - Finalist
  • George Crowne (BU17) - Finalist
  • James Flynn (BU19) - 3rd Place

A message from the desk of Squash Canada:

On the courts of The Club at White Oaks, Canada’s largest international junior competition concluded with a Columbian who played the near perfect tournament, dropping only one game on his way to the Boys U19 title. Matias Knudsen entered the 2017 CJO as the #1 seed in the division, after having finished 14th at the most recent World Junior Championships, and lived up to his seeding with a number of convincing wins on route to clinching the title. 

The Girls U19 final was a repeat of the 2017 Canadian Junior Squash Championship when Canada’s Andrea Toth and Emma Jinks hit the courts for the championship match. The Canadian duo battled it out, with Jinks capturing the title for the second consecutive time in their head-to-head history.  

With the largest International contingent in the history of the event, the 2017 titles were captured by 5 different countries. Each division produced a new champion from the 2016 edition, a true reflection of the growth in the depth of competition at the CJO in recent years. 

Amongst a strong competitive international field, 10 Canadians podiumed with one Canadian claiming a championship title. 


Girls U13 

Champion – S. Hodges (NZL)

Finalist – I. Shaheen (CAN) 

3rd Place – A. Margarita Quijano (COL)

Girls U15 

Champion – L. Stefanoni (USA) 

Finalist – M. Chadwick (CAN)

3rd Place – S. Cao (CAN) vs. 

Girls U17 

Champion – M.P. Maya Lopez (ECU)

Finalist – M. Best (BAR)

3rd Place – L. Bicknell (CAN) vs

Girls U19 

Champion – E. Jinks (CAN) 

Finalist – A. Toth (CAN)

3rd Place – B. Herring (CAN)

Boys U13 

Champion – A. Glasser (USA)

Finalist – J. Zihao Lin (CAN) 

3rd Place – A. Fatialofa (NZL)


Boys U15 

Champion – D. Costales Sandoval (ECU)

Finalist – J.A. Mijares Carro (MEX)

3rd Place – L. Fatialofa (NZL)

Boys U17 

Champion – A. Ibhram (EGY)

Finalist – G. Crowne (CAN) 

3rd Place – L. Vargas Inurreta (MEX)

Boys U19 

Champion – M. Knudsen (COL) 

Finalist – L. Chileshe (NZL)

3rd Place – J. Flynn (CAN)


2017 Canadian Junior Open - Full Match Results

For those who were not able to catch the finals live, or for those who want to watch it again, Re-watch all the 3rd Place and Championship matches, via SquashStream.TV at https://goo.gl/owuChg

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