As the holidays and close of 2017 draw near, we wanted to take a moment to recognize the number of amazing matches and tournaments this year has seen. Congratulations to all those who worked hard to earn a provincial title, those who played in almost every tournament, those who stepped into tournaments for the first time, and those who encouraged their friends and family to pick up a racquet and join them in squash.  As a squash association we have one goal: to increase participation in squash.  Thanks to the dedicated coaches, officials, volunteers, facility managers, parents and players who make the squash community in Ontario so wonderful, we have no doubt that together we can grow squash. 

Happy holidays and happy new year from all of us at Squash Ontario! 


Congratulations to Ontario’s 2017 Champions!


Canadian Men's Team Championships

(January 6-8 at the Moncton Squash Club)

Silver Medal - Albert Shoihet, Ahad Raza, and Mohanad Heikal


Canadian Women's Team Championships

(January 6-8 at La Sporthèque)

Bronze Medal - Micaala Seth, Marnie Baizley, and Marlow Benson


Canadian Masters Team Championships

(January 13-15 at the Edmonton Squash Club)

Gold Medal - Bruce Marrison, Scott Kemp-Gee, Trent Haase, Wayne Pye, Julie Hisey, Elka Marcus, and Sue Desa.


Ontario Junior Doubles Championships

Hosted by the Granite Club, January 13-15

Boys Under 11 - Ethan Jain & Jack Willner

Girls Under 11 - Ashley Hall & Hannah Yuzpe

Boys Under 13 - Josh Kay & Alex Yuzpe

Boys Under 15 - Dylan Deverill & Liam Jinks

Girls Under 15 - Aleeza Khan & Salma Mounir

Boys Under 19 - Neel Ismail & Jackson Kay

Girls Under 19 - Danica Deverill & Lindsay Kuracina


SPIN VFX Ontario Women’s Veterans Doubles Championships

Hosted by Mayfair Lakeshore, February 3-5

Women’s 40/45+ = Seanna Keating & Tammie Sangster

Women’s 50+ = Robbin Morrison & Caro Sambrook

Women’s 60+ = Lolly Hillen & Lindsey Hermer-Bell


Ontario Men's Veteran's Doubles Championships

Hosted by the Toronto Racquet Club, February 3-5

Men's 40/45+ = Scott Dulmage & Richard Thomson

Men's 50+ = John Hall & Rob Warden

Men's 55+ = Eric Dunn & Mike Tanner

Men's 60/65+ = Timothy Bovaird & Norm Crook

Men's 70+ = David Potter & Chris Wheeler

Men's 75+ = David Bogert & Peter Hatcher


Ontario Open, A, & Masters Championships

Hosted by Mayfair Parkway, February 10-12

Men’s Open = Nick Sachvie

Women’s Open = Sam Cornett

Men’s A = Thomas Manley

Women’s A = Lisa Bogdan

Men’s 50+= Trent Haase

Men's 55+ = Bill Lam

Men’s 65+= Ian Boundy

Men's 70+ = Robert De Valk

Men's 75+ = Vincent Taylor

Women’s C = Cristine Kogan

Men’s C = Bernardo Alvarez


Ontario Regional Masters Team Championships

Hosted by the Club at White Oaks, February 24-26

Team Nigara One = Dave Demoe, Gabriel Dubois, Matt Easingwood, Brett Levitt, Tom Powers, Hamish Shaw, Shirley Ancker, Kathy Carter, Denise Compostella, Tracy Goertz, and Cindy Sachvie


Ontario Regional Junior Team Championships

Hosted by the Cedar Springs, March 10-12

Team Western Ontario = Alex Spafford, George Crowne, Dylan Deverill, Daniel Deverill, Danica Deverill, Salma Mounir, Aleeza Khan, and Amal Nadeem Izhar


Robert Harder Risk Consulting Ontario Junior Open Championships

Hosted by the Club at White Oaks, March 31-April 2

Boys Under 11 = Jacob Marrison

Girls Under 11 = Keira Kickox

Boys Under 13 = Alex Yuzpe

Girls Under 13 = Salma Mounir

Boys Under 15 = Nikhil Ismail

Girls Under 15 = Alessia Ferris

Boys Under 17 = James Flynn

Girls Under 17 = Brianna Jefferson

Boys Under 19 = Julien Gosset

Girls Under 19 = Nicole Kendall


Jesters Harrow Junior Silver Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, April 7-9

Boys Under 11= Carl-Edmund Roux

Girls Under 11= Maya Askari

Boys Under 13= Ewan Harris

Girls Under 13= Keira Lee Rawlins

Boys Under 15= Isaiah Miller

Girls Under 15= Ariel McCuaig

Boys Under 17= Charles De La Riva

Girls Under 17= Nicole Tomei


Jim Mason High School Teams Tournament

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, April 28-29

Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute


Jesters Harrow Junior Grand Prix Finale

Hosted at Mayfair Parkway, May 13

Boys Under 9 = Kent Rawlins

Boys Under 11 = Jack Jones

Girls Under 11 = Ainsley Rawlins

Boys Under 13 = Carl-Edmund Roux

Girls Under 13 = Ashley Hall

Boys Under 15 = Eesa Huq

Girls Under 15 = Aleeza Khan


Ontario Masters Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, October 27-29

Men’s 30+= Brad Hanebury

Women’s 30+= Nicole Garon

Men's 40+ = Don Lee

Men’s 45+= Bruce Marrison

Women’s 45+= Sue Desa

Men’s 50+= David Sly

Women's 50+ = Elka Markus

Men’s 55+= Tom Powers

Men’s 60+= Rudy Goodridge

Men’s 65+= Mario Raponi

Women’s 65+= Alison Madden

Men’s 70+= Howard Armitage


Mayfair Lakeshore Ontario Closed Championships

Hosted by Mayfair Lakeshore, November 10-12

Men’s Open= Albert Shoihet

Women’s Open= Nikki Todd

Men’s A= Alex Spafford

Women’s A/B= Nadia Luttmer

Men’s B= Tianxia Yang

Men’s C= Bernie Alvarez

Women’s C= Maddie Martin

Men’s D= Sunil Zubair

Women's D= Christina McIsaac


BMO Nesbitt Burns Ontario Junior Closed Championships

Hosted by the Executive Squash & Fitness Club, November 24-26

Boys Under 11= Carl-Edmund Roux

Girls Under 11= Georgia Baldwin

Boys Under 13= Daniel Deverill

Girls Under 13= Iman Shaheen

Boys Under 15= Amin Khan

Girls Under 15= Maya Mansoor

Boys Under 17= George Crowne

Girls Under 17= Marlow Benson

Boys Under 19= James Flynn


Slaight Music and Ridley Windows and Doors Ontario Doubles Championships

Hosted by the Toronto Cricket Club, November 24-26

Men’s Open = Robin Clarke & Ryan Herden

Women’s Open = Stephanie Hewitt & Nikki Todd

Men’s A = Peter McCarthy & Paul Zander

Men’s B = Jack Fleming & Drew Sutherland

Women’s B = Erica Jewett & Dileas MacGowan

Men’s C = Luke McGoey & Stephen Parks

Women’s C = Danielle Leblanc & Anna Tomei