Ontario Men's & Women's Veterans Championships

February 3-5, 2017, saw the city of Toronto being taken over by doubles players as the Men's and Women's Veterans Championships took place at the Toronto Racquet Club and the Badminton and Racquet Club for the men's draws and Mayfair Lakeshore for the women's.  This year 32 teams of men and 14 teams of women played for the Veterans titles.

Congratulations to the following champions, finalists, and third place victors:

Men's 40/45 - Scott Dulmage/ Richard Thompson (Champions), Steve Burnham/ Cesar Rainusso (Finalists), and James Hewitt/Paul Zander (Third Place).

Men's 50+ - John Hall/Rob Walden (Champions), Taylor Fawcett/Chris Williams (Finalists), Robert Ferguson/Chuck Van Kempen (Third Place).

Men's 55+ - Eric Dunn/Mike Tanner (Champions), Greg Lloyd/Namsoo Oh (Finalists), Blair Finlayson/Chris Todd (Third Place).

Men's 60/65+ - Timothy Bovaird/Norm Cook (Champions), Chris Chappell/Steven Hisey (Finalists).

Men's 70+ - David Potter/Chris Wheeler (Champions), Rea Godbold/Christopher Tatum (Finalists), James Bruce/Michael Manley (Third Place).

Men's 75+ - David Bogert/Peter Hatcher (Champions), Ed Bracht/Norman Lee (Finalists).

Women's 40/45+ - Seanna Keating/Tammie Sangster (Champions), Paula Jenkins/Heather MacLean (Finalists), Michele Ramsey/Jody Warden (Third Place).

Women's 50+ - Robbin Morrison/Caro Sambrook (Champions), Susan Greene/Cathy Tuckwell (Finalists), Brenda Forbes/Sandy Gregus (Third Place).

Women's 60+ - Lolly Gillen/Lindsey Hermer-Bell (Champions), Jennifer Brown/Sibylle Witt (Finalists).