2016-2017 Jesters Harrow Silver Series Comes to a Close

The Gary Waite Junior Tour

The Gary Waite Junior Tour

The Jesters Harrow Junior Silver Championships took place April 8-9 at the Executive Squash & Fitness Club. Athletes swarmed in from all over the province to participate in one of the last junior events of the season! Only two Grand Prix events remain and we look forward to seeing the Silver Circuit troops back out next year!

Congratulations to all winner of the 2017 Jesters Harrow Junior Silver Championships:

Boys Under 11: Carl Edmund-Roux (Champion), Hong Duc Cheng (Finalist), Jack Willner (3rd)

Girls Under 11: Maya Askari (Champion), Georgia Baldwin (Finalist), Charlotte Ghaeli (3rd)

Boys Under 13: Ewan Harris (Champion), Faazil Khan (Finalist), Callan Fitzpatrick (3rd)

Girls Under 13: Keira Rawlins (Champion), Angie McCuaig (Finalist), Shirin Batra(3rd)

Boys Under 15: Isaiah Miller (Champion), Calvin Campitelli (Finalist), Jackson Cowie (3rd)

Girls Under 15: Ariel McCuaig (Champion), Maddie Martin (Finalist), Aleeza Khan (3rd)

Boys Under 17: Charles De La Riva (Champion), Edward Morneau (Finalist), Leon Trilla (3rd)

Girls Under 17: Nicole Tomei (Champion), Ocean Lewis (Finalist), Ceinwyn Beattie (3rd)