Jesters Harrow Grand Prix Finale

The Grand Prix Circuit has come to a close after this weekend's Finale at Mayfair Parkway. All winners from our past 12 Grand Prix events battled it out on court to win the ultimate title. With so much talent in each draw, there were some fierce match ups with most of the top seeds taking first place. Unseeded Kent Rawlins won the Under 9 division, 3/4 seed Jack Jones won the Under 11 division and 3/4 seed Ashley Hall won the Under 13 division. Thanks to our amazing sponsors Harrow and Jesters of Ontario, all winners received a brand new racquet!

Congratulations to all of the winners and finalists:

Boys Under 9

1st - Kent Rawlins

2nd - Baker Felesky

3rd - Logan Simmons


Boys Under 11

1st - Jack Jones

2nd - Talen Samant

3rd - Qusai Salemwalla


Boys Under 13

1st - Carl Edmund Roux

2nd - Jack Strong

3rd - Matthew Zaki


Boys Under 15

1st - Eesa Huq

2nd - Taylor Hall

3rd - Andrew Herring


Girls Under 11

1st - Ainsley Rawlins

2nd - Aneesa Tejani

3rd - Rachel Dirks


Girls Under 13

1st - Ashley Hall

2nd - Maya Askari

3rd - Georgia Baldwin


Girls Under 15

1st - Aleeza Khan

2nd - Shirin Batra

3rd - Keira Rawlins


Thanks to all the players who supported the GP Circuit all season long. We were able to run 13 successful events and introduce the under 9 division to Squash Ontario members. A special thank you to Rafik and George from Parkway for taking on this event at the last minute and for all of their hard work! We look forward to seeing you all next season...