Ontario's Sachvie and Naughton Crowned 2017 Canadian Champions

(A note from Squash Canada)

Squash Canada congratulates 2017 Canadian Squash Championships Men's and Women's Open Champions Nick Sachvie and Hollie Naughton.

It felt a little like déjavu as Hollie Naughton and Danielle Letourneau hit the courts for the 2017 Canadian Women's Open. In a repeat of the the 2016 final, Naughton and Letourneau battled it out for five games before the national champion was crowned.  In an even bigger feeling of déjavu Naughton won the first game then dropped the next two to Letourneau before fighting back and closing it out taking the last two games, capturing the 2017 national title 3-2 just as she had in 2016. 

It was a championship of firsts for both 2017 Men's Open finalists - first time making it to the semi-finals, first time making it to the finals and ultimately, for one of them, the first time winning a national championship. Nick Sachvie defeated 2-time Canadian Men's champion Shawn De Lierre in his semi-final matchup to earn his place in the 2017 final, while Mike McCue took on 2016 champ, Andrew Schnell in his first ever semi-final appearance enroute to taking his spot in the final. Sachvie and McCue's appearances in the finals ensured that there would be a brand new Men's champion in Canada. Taking it in three straight games, Sachvie was crowned the 2017 Canadians Men's Champion.  

Over the past four days over 300 competitors converged on the Mayfair Club - Lakesore (Toront, ON) and over 500 matches were played at the Mayfair Lakeshore 2017 Canadian Squash Championships. In total, eighteen national titles were awarded.

Missed the finals the first time? Or maybe you want to watch them again....visit http://bit.ly/2017CdnChamps_Webcast to catch the Men's and Women's Open play off matches.

2017 Canadian Squash Champions
Men's Open: Nick Sachvie (ON)
Women's Open: Hollie Naughton (ON)
Men's A: Mike Thompson (BC)
Women's A: Nora Kamal (ON)
Men's 30+: Brad Hanebury (ON)
Men's 35+: Matt Bishop
Men's 40+: Trevor Borland (MB)
Men's 45+: John Musto (NY)
Women's 45+: Stephanie Hewitt (ON)
Men's 50+: Trent Hasse (ON)
Women's 50+: Heather Maclean (ON)
Men's 55+: Willie Hosey (ON)
Men's 60+: John Macrury (ON)
Women's 60+: Diana Roper (ON)
Men's 65+: Mario Raponi (ON)
Women's 65+: Alison Madden (ON)

Men's 70+: Gerry Poulton (BC)
Men's 75+: Vincent Taylor (ON)

Companion Event Winners:

Men's B: Benoit Daigle
Women's B: Malak Kamal
Men's C: Roy Defreitas (ON)
Women's C: Victoria Soo (ON)

Men's D: Henky Halim (ON)
Women's D: Luz Osorio (ON)


Draws and results for all divisions can be found at http://bit.ly/2017CdnChamps_Draws