Ontario Athletes Represent on the International Stage

Cologne Junior Cup

Over the past couple weeks many of Ontario’s best players traveled overseas to compete in some of Europe’s most prestigious tournaments. The Cologne Junior Cup (formerly known as the Pioneer Junior Squash Cup) took place between July 6th and 10th in Cologne, Germany. Great results came from Ontarians who demonstrated their high level of play:

• Liam Marrison BU17 2nd

• Elliot Hunt BU17 4th

• James Flynn BU17 6th

• George Crowne BU17 10th

• Sara Khan GU17 20th

• William Kuhn BU19 25th

• Justin Ghaeli BU19 28th

• Michael Greenwood BU17 withdrew in the Round of 32

• Nikhil Ismail BU15 33rd

• Amin Khan BU15 67th


Dutch Junior Open

After the Cologne Junior Cup wrapped off, the athletes traveled to Amsterdam, Netherlands for the Dutch Junior Open. Ontarian was represented with more players in this tournament and the results were even more impressive than the previous:

• George Crowne BU17 2nd

• James Flynn BU17 3rd

• Elliot Hunt BU17 4th

• Nikhil Ismail BU15 7th

• Liam Marrison BU17 10th

• Michael Greenwood 15/16th

• Sara Khan GU17 21st

• Justin Ghaeli BU19 23rd

• Amin Khan BU15 32nd

• Wiliam Kuhn BU19 33rd

• Behrad Haghighi BU15 35th

• Charlie McDonald BU15 52nd


Maccabiah Games

Next, the Maccabiah Games took place on July 4th - July 18th where Jewish athletes from all over the world compete in the 3rd largest sporting games.  Team Canada for squash consisted of four men from Ontario (Toronto) - Albert Shoihet, Michael Zagdanski, Jake Beck and Adam Beck. 

  • Albert Shoihet Men's Open 4th
  • Michael Zagdanski Men's Open 13th
  • Jake Beck Men's Open 17th
  • Adam Beck Men's Open 18th