Project 10K Membership Drive Launches - Get Counted to Grow Your Sport!

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Last season Squash Ontario launched an ambitious initiative to grow the sport of squash in our province in the form of the "Project 10k Membership Drive" or "P10K".  The goal is to dramatically increase the number of individual members of the association from 1100 in 2015 to 10,000 by 2020, obtaining a more realistic representation of squash activity in Ontario.  Why is this so important?  Getting counted is a critical component to increasing government funding, corporate partnerships, and media exposure including the upcoming 2024 Olympic Bid. Much like other successful sports do in the province, members of participating clubs are automatically members of their Provincial Sport Association at a deeply discounted annual fee.  Last season, 12 leading facilities in our sport piloted the project and Squash Ontario grew from 1100 to 3200 in it's first year.  In addition, 3 regional leagues participated in P10K and pioneered the inclusion of their results in to the Squash Ontario rankings program. These visionary partners have helped to arm Squash Ontario with the tools required to access more funds in order to take our sport to the next level.

In 2017-18, several more leading facilities have committed to supporting the project with a target of 5,000 members.  We thank the following member facilities for their stewardship and leadership of our sport by participating in the program and are pleased to announce several more partners are committed to coming on board this year. 

If you would like more information about Project 10k or would like your organization to participate for the upcoming season please contact Executive Director Jamie Nicholls at

The following squash facilities are currently participating in P10K:

  • Badminton and Racquet Club
  • Elora Racquets & Fitness
  • Executive Squash and Fitness
  • Jesters University League
  • Maple City Squash Club
  • Mayfair Lakeshore
  • Mayfair Parkway
  • National Defense Headquarters
  • RA Center
  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club
  • Toronto and District Men's League
  • Toronto and District Women's Squash Association
  • Toronto Racquet Club
  • Urban Squash Toronto