2018 Ontario Mixed Doubles Championships

The Pickering Squash Club team, led by Nicole Pirko, has completed yet another outstanding Provincial Championship event alongside one of their popular singles events - the Lee Hanebury Memorial Squash Tournament. The 2018 Ontario Mixed Doubles Championships will continue to grow thanks to the event's great hosts and great community of squash players!

Congratulations to all competitors and those that placed in the top three below:


Champions Stephanie Hewitt (her 8th Ontario Open) & Will Mariani 8 (10) 10,10 over Seanna Keating & Jeff Lurie

3/4  Jammie Nichols & Nicole Garon 11,13, 14 over Nicole Pirko & Steve Dizig

2017-18 Ontario Mixed OPEN.jpeg

40+ (round robin)

Champion-Diane Naughton & Eric Baldwin

2nd- Laurie Krol & Mike Bekic

3rd- Susan Desa & Bill Lam

2017-18 Ontario Mixed 40+.jpeg


Champions Tammie Sangster & John Hall 10 (10) (12) 9,9 over Robbin Morrison & Paul Zander

3rd Julie Hisey & Mike Tanner 10,11, 8 over Carmela Kervin & Fred Reid Sr.

2017-18 Ontario Mixed 50+.jpeg


Champions Lolly Gillen & Steve Hisey 14,13,13 over Sibylle Witt & Molson Robertson

3rd still playing

2017-18-Ontario Mixed 60+.jpeg


Champions Danielle Leblanc & Marco Wong (10)11,11 (4) 8 over Natalie Morrison & Mark Warren

3/4 Meghan Cheesbrough & Nigel Meakin over Lynsey Yates & Luke Mcgoey

Consolation Winner- Pat Foster & Jonathan Puddy over Diane Belanger & Michael Guimond

Mix B.jpeg