Squash Ontario Welcomes McWIL Canada as the Official Court Contractor

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Squash Ontario is pleased to welcome McWIL Canada to the Provincial squash family as the Official Court Contractor, and to make the experience and expertise of McWIL accessible to Squash Ontario member clubs.

McWIL Canada is a Toronto-based company that is part of the global McWIL squash court building enterprise founded by David Carr in 1995.  In addition to building courts, McWIL is recognized as the leader in all-glass courts, having erected courts for 85 events since 2004, including the Tournament of Champions, Kuwait Open, Windy City Open, Australian Open and the Oracle Netsuite Open.  McWIL glass courts have also played a major role in any number of Canadian Nationals and Canadian Open events.

Carr is based in Toronto now and focused on the Canadian market.  Having recently completed the major new squash complex at the Ten X Toronto (Hotel X) Sports Club in the Exhibition Grounds, McWIL is well-equipped to help those interested in building new courts, expanding or renovating existing courts or searching for solid advice on court maintenance.  A hallmark of the company is a willingness to provide lots of upfront and uncompensated input so that customers can be sure to make educated decisions when it comes time to spend money.  

In recognition of the commitment to support Squash Ontario’s effort to keep pushing the envelope in terms of service to members, McWIL Canada has been named “Official Court Contractor” for Squash Ontario.

Please contact David Carr if you would like any information about court building, repairs, or maintenance.

David Carr, mcwilsquash.david@gmail.com, +1 647 618 0884