Endeavour Rehab Welcomed as Official Therapy Provider of Squash Ontario and New Member Benefit

Squash Ontario is pleased to introduce Endeavour Sports Performance and Rehabilitation as the Official Therapy Providers for Squash Ontario, as well as our brand new member benefit!

Endeavour Rehab is one of Toronto’s leading sports medicine and rehab clinics. With their team of elite physiotherapists, personal trainers and massage therapists, Endeavour is equipped to provide a high quality of care to its patients, especially those looking to recover from a sports injury. 

Founded in 2014 by owner Dan Pringle, Endeavour has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the Toronto rehab industry. Now with two locations – one at York’s Glendon college and the other in Leaside – Endeavour has a special focus on the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries. The clinic has a niche expertise in the management of injuries in young athletes and has worked with several youth sports organizations to develop injury-screening protocols, helping to identify athletes at risk of injury and in need of early intervention.  

The therapists at Endeavour have a wealth of experience treating squash players of all levels and ages and understand the dynamics of the game along with common movement problems and injuries that often occur in squash players. All of the therapists at Endeavour have a thorough understanding of the demand of the sport, allowing them to understand the nature of the injury in their squash patients and develop a treatment plan to promote a quick and long-lasting recovery.

Just ask Canadian Professional Squash Player and Top-100 ranked, Mike McCue:

“I’ve been working with the Endeavour team for the past three seasons. Their attention to detail, personalized treatments, and unique understanding of the physical demands of squash all separate them from other clinics. They have repeatedly diagnosed and treated multiple chronic injuries I had carried for years. Squash players across Ontario should be thrilled about this new partnership giving them access to Endeavour’s cutting-edge methods and expertise.”

The team at Endeavour is committed to more than just treating your injuries. They believe that learning about your body and how it moves is critical to staying healthy on and off the court, and they are here to help you understand your body better. On top of access to exceptional care, Endeavour will be providing exclusive online content for Squash Ontario members. You can expect to get pro tips for effective warm-up and cool-down protocols, injury prevention ideas and squash-specific injury-care tips to help get you back on the court faster. Keep an eye out for this content in our newsletters and on the Squash Ontario website.  

As a bonus, exclusively for Squash Ontario members, Endeavour is offering a member benefit on your first visit to one of their clinics:


Free first appointment for juniors

30% off first appointment for all other members


If you’re ready to make the most of your body, give them a call at 416-546-9454 or shoot them an email at info@endeavourrehab.com to book an appointment or get some more information about how they can get you back on track. Learn more about all the work they do over on their website.