Do You Know Any Outstanding Individuals in the Squash Community? Nominate Them Today!

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We are exceptionally fortunate and have been over the years to attract the dedicated, committed and enthusiastic people in the squash community in Ontario. No awards can thank them enough - but it's a start! Squash Ontario is currently taking nominations for the following awards: 

  • Barbara Cooper Award - awarded to an individual who has over the years built, promoted and enhanced the game of women’s squash in Ontario.  This person exhibits fair play and demonstrates leadership and achievement in both their competitive and social life. This person is an inspirational role model for others to follow. 
  • Squash Ontario Outstanding Achievement Award - awarded to any individual who deserves to be recognized for their contributions to the sport in the past year. This may be a volunteer, a corporation, an official, a coach or a player at any level of the game.

All awards will be presented at the Squash Ontario Awards Ceremony on June 15th, following the Annual General Meeting.

Please submit nominations by Monday June 4th.