Give Back to the Squash Community Through Your Home and Auto Insurance

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Thanks to long time squash supporters (the Boynton family), members of Squash Ontario are invited to take advantage of a program that can save 15% on their home and auto insurance through PBL Insurance.

In addition to saving money, members will also be supporting squash in Ontario as PBL will donate $50.00 for every policy sold to the Squash Ontario junior development fund to help grow our sport! With offices across the province from Ottawa to Windsor to Sudbury, PBL has nearly 100 years as one of the top independent insurance brokers in Ontario and has been involved with squash in the province for almost as long!

Join Squash Ontario President Bruce Marrison and staff Lynsey Yates who have both received significant reductions on their home and auto insurance.  

Click here for more information and email to get a quote today!