The Sheriff of Squash, The Life and Times of Sharif Khan Legendary Squash Champion


Official book launch FALL 2018:  

At the Balmy Beach Club Toronto ON Canada  Thursday October 18th 7-10 pm by invitation.

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Presenting, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the legendary Sharif Khan’s first NORTH AMERICAN OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP (1968), a new biography, The Sheriff of Squash,  The Life and Times of Sharif Khan Legendary Squash Champion authored by Rob Dinerman and Karen Khan.

This is a story of pride, determination, cultural divides; and deep personal Recollections.

Experience those moments with exciting reports of Khan’s professional sports career, then come away knowing Sharif Khan, the man.

From 1968 to 1982, Sharif Khan won every major North American hardball squash tournament in the US, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America; in addition to his 4th in the world ranking, his 4-time entry and semi-final (1970) placing in the British Open international softball tournament during this same period. Most of Khan’s records have never and probably will never be matched even as the game itself is evolving.

Born in Pakistan, raised in the simple but idyllic village life of Nawakille, he was uprooted from his childhood at age 11 and sent to the posh public school of Millfield in Street, Somerset, UK.   Sharif was on the path of the ‘outlier’ to become a great sports champion, feted as the eldest son of the Pakistani national sports hero Hashim Khan.  But personal costs were high with separation and cultural confusion taking a toll on such a young life.

Working with sports journalist Rob Dinerman, NYC, the result is a beautiful biography commemorating Sharif’s career and launched on the 50th anniversary of his first North American Open event (1968), beginning his unprecedented record 12-time NAO victories during his amazing professional squash career that spanned three decades.  Karen Khan as co-author interpreted her husband Sharif’s voice expressed in his Recollections throughout this work.

Our sincere thanks to Squash Ontario and its Executive Director Jamie Nicholls for the support and generosity in providing an online forum for the book launch.

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Review @ by Gilbert Mateer A GOAT, and a son of a GOAT   USA

5.0 out of 5 stars

September 13, 2018 - Published on

This is a marvelous story of one of the greatest squashers to ever play the game. While we all saw the facade of Sharif Khan none of us ever heard of the life behind the Legend. This is a must read for all of those who grew up playing or watching hardball squash!