Squash Ontario Moving to Club Locker Data Management System

Club Locker logo.png

Squash Ontario is pleased to announce the long-awaited integration with new data management provider Club Locker.  Squash Ontario joins the World Squash Federation, Squash Canada, US Squash and England Squash amongst others on the world’s most complete platform that will transform player engagement, tournament experience and club management. 

Highlights of the new system include:

  • Universal rating system,

  • Live scoring and real time results for tournaments

  • Integrated club court reservations and programming software available to Squash Ontario member facilities.

The first step of this exciting program is the revamping of the Ontario senior rankings/ratings system which will by launched in the coming weeks.  All Squash Ontario competitive members are in the process of having their eligible league and tournaments results from the last four seasons transferred into the new system, including all events up to and including the McWil Ontario Open March 22nd – 24th.

This exciting integration will allow for greater player engagement with a universal rating being created that will allow athletes from Windsor to Ottawa to Thunder Bay and all the way to Bristol, England to interact and find games with other enthusiasts at a similar level.

Squash Ontario is currently beta-testing the senior ratings system with an expected launch date in early April.  For more information on the Club Locker program please visit https://about.clublocker.com/ or contact Executive Director Jamie Nicholls at jnicholls@squashontario.com.

Squash Ontario will be communicating log-in credentials and more in the spring of 2019.