2017 Slaight Music and Ridley Windows and Doors Ontario Doubles Championships


We thank all participants in this past weekend's 2017 Slaight Music/Ridley Windows and Doors Ontario Doubles Championships.  The energy buzzing around Championship Sunday at the Cricket embodied that friendly competition and great camaraderie experienced all weekend.

Special thanks to Slaight Music and Ridley Windows and Doors who always step up and support these events, as well as all sponsors who made this an extra special experience for players and spectators.  Pat Richardson and Deb O'Neill, the dynamic duo who despite being able to do this in their sleep, never stop trying to make things better and continue to raise an already high bar. Their large and dedicated volunteer base makes things so easy.  Robin Clarke and the Cricket Club Team - likely the best doubles venue in the world - makes for a perfect tournament base in our own backyard.  Thank you to Mayfair Parkway and the Toronto Racquet Club for providing secondary venues unconditionally.  Thank you to Lolly Gillen who gives everything she has for doubles squash over and over again with recruiting, photography, refereeing and being a true leader of our sport. Finally, thanks to all of the participants, including the support of many of the top professionals in the world, making our Provincial Championship the envy of the North American doubles community.

Please see below for final results as well as link to Rob Dinerman's well written and much appreciated Daily Squash Report as well photos from Championships Sunday.  Good luck for the rest of this year and see you on the courts in 2018!





MEN’S OPEN – ROBIN CLARKE & RYAN HERDEN 3-0 over Tyler Hamilton & Robert Nigro

3rd Brian Hong & Robert Hong vs. Jeff Lurie & Alex Carter (match unplayed)

Consolation Robert Cooley & Paul Gartenburg 3-0 over Bruce Marrison & Eric Baldwin


WOMEN’S OPEN – STEPHANIE HEWITT & NIKKI TODD 3-1 over Seanna Keating and Marci Sier

3rd Sam Cornett & Lauren Sachvie 3-1 over Tammy Sangster & Robbin Morrison

Consolation Diane Naughton & Caro Sambrook 3-1 over Annette White & Kirsteen Burton 


MEN’S A – PETER MCCARTHY & PAUL ZANDER 3-0 over Matthew Sitka & Matthew Balfour

Consolation Jeff Anderson & David Harris 3-2 over Matt Bannan & John Hall  


MEN’S B – JACK FLEMING & DREW SUTHERLAND 3-2 over Yuill McGregor & Eric Windeler

Consolation Ian MacDonald & Peter Neelands 3-1 over Mike Blythe & Eric Dunn 


WOMEN’S B – ERICA JEWITT & DILEAS MACGOWAN 3-0 over Natalie Foote & Natalie Morrison

3rd Place Lolly Gillen & Patti Henderson 3-1 over Meghan Cheesbrough & Madison Sangster Newbery 


MEN’S C – LUKE MCGOEY & STEPHEN PARKS 3-0 over Thang Le & Marco Wong

Consolation Nick Le Donne & Pat Van Gelder over Mike Pitre & Graham Warren 



2nd Place Ina Du Toit & Peggy Hirtle

3rd Place Noelle Turner & Lynsey Yates