2017 BMO Nesbitt Burns Ontario Junior Closed

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On the weekend of November 24th 2017, 145 athletes from across Ontario gathered at Executive Squash and Fitness Club for the 2017 BMO Nesbitt Burns Ontario Junior Closed. Congratulations to the following 2017 Provincial Champions, Finalists, and 3rd place winners, with thanks to Keira Lee Rawlins for the personal note below. 

Boys Under 11 - Carl-Edmund Roux (Champion), Arham Nadeem Izhar (Finalist), Kent Rawlins (3rd)

Girls Under 11 - Georgia Baldwin (Champion), Maya Askari (Finalist), Parker Power (3rd)

Boys Under 13 - Daniel Deverill (Champion), Jacob Marrison (Finalist), Ewan Harris (3rd)

Girls Under 13 - Iman Shaheen (Champion), Salma Mounir (Finalist), Amal Nadeem Izhar (3rd)

Boys Under 15 - Amin Khan (Champion), Alex Yuzpe (Finalist), Noah Crawford (3rd)

Girls Under 15 - Maya Mansoor (Champion), Jena Ravindran (Finalist), Ella Baldwin (3rd)

Boys Under 17 - George Crowne (Champion), Neel Ismail (Finalist), Ali Shalaby (3rd)

Girls Under 17/19 - Marlow Benson (Champion), Brianna Jefferson (Finalist), Molly Chadwick (3rd)

Boys Under 19 - James Flynn (Champion), Darosham Khan (Finalist), Liam Marrison (3rd)


This is the third year I have played in this tournament. It is interesting to note that this event has been a consistent pillar in the world of junior squash for many more years than my current age of twelve. I am grateful for squash and the opportunity to train hard, and to push myself physically, mentally and emotionally. I value the community and unique friendships that are formed between players who support one another and desire to make each other better. When I walk through the door at the start of a tournament I feel an intense excitement for what is to come... experiences that will exert one to the full extent, and powerful memories to be made. It was amusing to watch the U11 Boys scramble to any available court with racquets in hand, and whack the ball exuberantly at every opportunity. Inevitably, a ref would firmly but kindly inform them that this might not be the most appropriate action for the 90 seconds between games. In past years the boys may have found a place to play on the doubles court, but this year the doubles court was used to display draws, improving the administrative flow of the tournament and reducing congestion out by the squash courts. Perhaps a sad loss for the boys, but a welcome improvement nonetheless. I was inspired to see Mariam Mansoor and Charlotte Orcutt playing in the boys divisions. From them I’ve learned that in a true champion’s heart the desire to improve is even stronger than the desire to win. Congratulations to all the winners and to each and every participant.

Thank you to our parents who support us both off court and on. Thank you to the coaches who inspire us and help us evolve, both as players and students of the game. Thank you to the referees who infuse matches with stability. Thank you to Squash Ontario for your innovative planning. Thank you to our tournament sponsors including BMO Nesbitt Burns, Black Knight, Equity Home Builders, Sprott Inc., Beretta Farms and Jesters. We appreciate your generous support. Lastly, thank you to the Executive Squash family and team for working so hard to make this tournament an amazing experience for all. My collection of hoodies is growing, and I can’t wait for next year!

Keira Lee Rawlins