Jim Mason Cup High School Team Tournament

Champion Team Lawrence Park C.I.

Champion Team Lawrence Park C.I.

This past Friday and Saturday, Squash Ontario held the 2017 Jim Mason Cup High School Championships at Executive Squash and Fitness. This year saw a record of 16 schools and 145 players competing for the coveted trophy.

As always, a large portion of the draws were dominated by Niagara and Windsor schools but it wasn't enough to fend off the reigning Champions from Lawrence Park C.I. of Toronto. Taking first place in the Senior Boys Ranked, Girls Ranked and Junior Girls Unranked divisions, Lawrence Park proved too strong for their competitors. Vista Tecumseh took home the Second Place finish, AN Myer (Niagara Falls) with third, St. Paul (Niagara Falls) with fourth place, and Massey in fifth (Windsor). 

Congratulations to the team of Megan Boone, Sam Burley, Ken Etchells, Bennett Stuart, Erica McGillicuddy, Laura Vandeursen, Jessa Paton, Jack Shields, Maddy Fisher, Alex Newton, Nick Trail, Liam VanGelder, Coach Jim Paton and Wendy Vandeursen for finishing with the most overall points for a second year in a row.

A special congratulations to all the top finishers listed below, especially those in the Senior boys Unranked division who completed a full 64 man monrad draw in just two days!

JR Boys Ranked:

1st - Luca Dallabona (Vista)

2nd - Nick Trail (Lawrence Park)

3rd- Isaiah Miller (Westview)

4th - Bennett Stuart (Lawrence Park)

5th- Jagroop Bhangoo (Vista)

JR Boys Unranked:

1st - Taylor Glauser (AN Myer)

2nd- Nick Difruscio (AN Myer)

3rd- Rajan Sandhu (Vista)

4th- Liam Van Gelder (Lawrence Park)

5th- Max Dann (Malvern)

9th- Steven Lovrics (AN Myer)

17th- Asha Balogh (AN Myer)

SR Boys Ranked:

1st- Sam Burley (Lawrence Park)

2nd - Berto Mill (Vista)

3rd- Kabir Bhangoo (Vista)

4th - Michael Haffey (PRDG)

5th- Ryan Guthrie (Vista)

SR Boys Unranked:

1st- Andrew McNeill (Toronto Prep)

2nd- Lucas Mazzone (AN Myer

3rd- Jack Shields (Lawrence Park)

4th- Shane Watts (Denis Morris)

5th- Colin Moore (Vista)

9th- Peter Vucenovic (AN Myer)

17th- Alec Cerimage (Vista)

33rd- Nicholas MacLean (St. Paul)

Girls Ranked:

1st- Erica McGillicuddy (Lawrence Park)

2nd- Sara Khan (Massey)

3rd- Hannah Guthrie (Vista)

JR Girls Unranked:

1st- Laura Vandeursen (Lawrence Park)

2nd- Megan Boone (Lawrence Park)

3rd- Julia Garisto (St. Paul)

4th- Jessa Paton (Lawrence Park)

5th- Zahra Khan (Massey)

Bronze- Hannah Szalay (Vista)

SR Girls Unranked:

1st- Aimee Hopton (Lorne Park)

2nd- Christine Yaromich (Notre Dame)

3rd- Lauren Hills (St. Paul)

4th- Valerie Pagnotta (St. Paul)

5th- Simone Jankuloski (Vista)

Cons- Hailey Blanchfield (AN Myer)

Bronze- Kaitlyn Argentyno (Denis Morris)

A big thank you to Executive Squash & Fitness, Rob Brooks and his team of volunteers, and all of the sponsors including Black Knight and Victrix Tile & Stone for donating all the amazing prizes! Thanks to their generosity, the top 4 players in all of the unranked divisions were able to receive a new racquet.