2018 Performance Acura Ontario Junior Open & Awards Ceremony

The graduating class of 2018 (those in attendance). (Back row left-right) Will Harris, Coach Greg Hutner, Alex Spafford, Dom Wren, Elliott Hunt, James Flynn, George Crowne, Liam Marrison, Darosham Khan, Will Kuhn, Squash Ontario staff Lauren Sachvie. (Front row left-right) Coach Rob Brooks, Squash Ontario staff Jamie Nicholls, Catherine Giachino, Sydney Maxwell, and Justin Ghaeli. 

A year's worth of dedication was demonstrated this past weekend as Ontario's (and other province's) top juniors, coaches, and families spent the weekend at The Club at White Oaks for the 2018 Performance Acura Ontario Open Championships. 

With thanks to the Jesters of Ontario, Squash Ontario hosted a dinner and awards ceremony with special guest Martha McCabe (Olympic Swimmer) on Saturday evening to recognize the great talent, sportsmanship, and leadership that this group of athletes possesses. To top that off, a congratulatory send off was made for those ageing out of their junior squash careers or moving onto post-secondary and leaving junior squash behind. This weekend delivered top performances, touching speeches and recognition to very deserving individuals. 

Please join us in congratulating the following people for their hard work this squash season!

Awards Ceremony

To the graduating class of 2018 (pictured above). 

MARK SACHVIE COACHING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: David Morrish (Windsor Squash & Fitness).

Dave pictured with Cindy Sachvie (left) and 2017 award recipient Marci Sier (right). 

JIM MASON FAIR PLAY AWARD:  Syndey Maxwell and Elliott Hunt.


Player of the Year (Under 19): Brianna Jefferson, James Flynn and George Crowne

Player of the Year (Under 15): Alexander Yuzpe and Iman Shaheen

Most Improved Player of the Year (Under 19):  Maaz Mufti and Hannah Guthrie

Jamie Hickox accepting the award for Maaz Mufti. 

Jamie Hickox accepting the award for Maaz Mufti. 

Most Improved Player of the Year (Under 15): Syan Singh and Amal Izhar

Salah Elsherif accepting the award for Syan Singh. 

Salah Elsherif accepting the award for Syan Singh. 

2018 Performance Acura Ontario Junior Open 

Congratulations to the division winners, finalists, and 3rd place finishers.

Boys Under 19: James Flynn (Champion), Darosham Khan (Finalist), George Crowne (3rd)

Girls Under 19: Sydney Maxwell (Champion), Patricia Nandi Ndebele (Finalist), Catherine Giachino (3rd)

Boys Under 17: Ali Shalaby (Champion), Nikhil Ismail (Finalist), Maaz Mufti (3rd)

Girls Under 17: Brianna Jefferson (Champion), Molly Chadwick (Finalist), Erica McGillicuddy(3rd)

Boys Under 15: Noah Crawford (Champion), Alex Yuzpe (Finalist), Josh Kay (3rd)

Girls Under 15: Iman Shaheen (Champion), Amal Nadeem Izhar (Finalist), Aleeza Khan (3rd)

Boys Under 13: Jacob Marrison (Champion), Ewan Harris (Finalist), Daniel Deverill (3rd)

Girls Under 13: Ananya Maheshwari (Champion), Gabriella Waite (Finalist), Shirin Batra (3rd)

Boys Under 11: Arham Nadeem Izhar (Champion), Kent Rawlins (Finalist), Charles Easingwood (3rd)

Girls Under 11: Maya Askari (Champion), Keira Hickox(Finalist), Georgia Baldwin (3rd)