Ontario Wins Both Boys and Girls Events at the Canada Winter Games


Squash players from all over the country descended on Red Deer, Alberta, at the end of February to compete in the Canada Winter Games which takes place every four years. The event featured 19 sports, over 150 events and a major cultural festival, welcoming 3,600 athletes, managers and coaches and more than 20,000 visitors to Alberta.

Coaches Allan Cook and Tara Mullins traveled with boys team made up of Liam Marrison, Neel and Nikhil Ismail and Dylan Deverill, and the girls team of Charlotte Orcutt, Brianna Jefferson, Molly Chadwick and Salma Mounir. Ontario reigns over the country with double gold medals in the boys and girls team events, a gold in the boys individuals (Liam Marrison), two silvers (Charlotte Orcutt and Neel Ismail), and one bronze (Brianna Jefferson).

A recap from Squash Canada":


Team Ontario and Team British Columbia put on quite the show as they split their matches 2-2 and it came down to a tiebreaker for the Gold Medal.  As outlined in the rules, we start with games won so the edge went to Ontario 8-7 in games to become your 2019 Gold Medalists and British Columbia winning Silver. And not to be outdone, host province Alberta claimed the Bronze Medal in dominating fashion 4-0 over Quebec.


Team Ontario and Team British Columbia met in the Gold Medal final with Ontario winning in dominating fashion 4-0 to grab Gold and thus British Columbia wins Silver.  In the Bronze medal match, Alberta swept Quebec 4-0 to capture the medal much to the delight of the crowd that gathered to watch the match.

Girls Team Standings

  1. Gold: Ontario

  2. Silver: British Columbia

  3. Bronze: Alberta

  4. Quebec

  5. Saskatchewan

  6. Nova Scotia

  7. Northwest Territories

  8. Newfoundland and Labrador

  9. Manitoba

  10. Prince Edward Island

  11. New Brunswick

Boys Team Standings

  1. Gold: Ontario

  2. Silver: British Columbia

  3. Bronze: Alberta

  4. Quebec

  5. Manitoba

  6. Saskatchewan

  7. Nova Scotia

  8. New Brunswick

  9. Prince Edward Island

  10. Northwest Territories

  11. Newfoundland and Labrador

  12. Yukon